New to reloading?


Included here are the basics to get you started. 


We do offer a more advanced/pro rifle reloading kit - do have a look and see if this better suits your needs.


Our basic Rifle reloaders kit consists of the following:


  • Lee Challenger Press
  • Modern/Reloading or Lyman Manual (subject to stock)
  • 1 set of Lee dies - choose from 223/22-250/243/303/300 Win/AAC/45-70 and others below
  • Lee Powder Funnel
  • Lyman Pocket Touch 1500 Scales
  • Lee Powder Measure Kit
  • MTM Loading Block
  • Caliper Set
  • Hornady Sizing Wax
  • Lee Case Conditioning Kit
  • Universal Decapping Die
  • Case Tumbler to clean your brass



We have applied a significant discount and shipping will be by Royal Mail 24 Hour Tracked with next working day dispatch


Free extras with this kit!


3 MTM Ammo boxes suitable for the caliber of kit you choose





The dies supplied will be a Lee 3 Die Rifle Set in one of the following calibers


223 Remington


243 Win

308 Win

300 Win Mag

300 AAC

303 British

7.62 x 39

7.62 x 54R



Custom Rifle Reloading Kit (Basic)

  • Lee Precision, Lyman, Hornady, 

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